Angry Robot

jumpsuit hunt

As part of a half-assed quest for a jumpsuit (or should I say tracksuit?), I have uncovered some intriguing sites. Jumpsuit Guy’s Web Site holds the following testimony:

I am a twenty-nine year-old man living in California. I have been fascinated by jumpsuits since I was very young. I think that women wearing jumpsuits are very sexy. Sometimes I like to wear them myself.
I made this web site because jumpsuits deserve more appreciation!

He provides all-important links to “overlapping clothing fetish” websites and those devoted to “adult footed pyjamas.” I was particularily drawn to Fardo’s Overalls, makers of “colorful novelty jumpsuits for men,” who claim that “the overall is a powerful statement, a magical garment” and whose photos feature a man who I can only assume is the world’s premier novelty jumpsuit model. See him travel internationally with glum expression and colorful patches! Drunken night sorties in camo overalls! Relaxing at home in shiny purple jumpsuit! Deployed as part of the Swiss Emergency Clowning Team! I would have to agree with Jumpsuit Guy that “one of the most exciting applications of the internet is world-wide dissemination of information about jumpsuits.” Unfortunately, I haven’t found the type I’m looking for, which was less of a Euro shiny patch-oriented concept piece and more of an Adidas retro affair. The struggle continues.